Monday, 7 March 2011

A Quick Game....

Here's one you might like to try out which I play with friends of mine.

THE SITUATION: You wake up with your friends in a psychiatric ward. 

THE RULES: Using no more and no less than four words each time and taking it in turns, try having a conversation relevant to your situation. Any number of people can join in. 

Purest will argue that the use of words such as "let's", "we've" and "you're" are forms of cheating as they should be "let us", "we have"  and "you are"... frankly it's (it is) up to you how difficult you want to make it. 

Remember anything can or could happen in a psychiatric hospital and not everything may be as it seems.

Here's an example I've concocted of a conversation between just two people. 

- We're back here again.

- Which are the staff?

- Damned if I know.

- Can't you even guess?

- You're Einstein - you guess!

- I'm Sigmund Freud today.

- Then you should know.

- I should know what?

- Which ones are staff.

- Where is this place?

- The local psychiatric hospital.

- Or so you believe.

- You think it's not?

- Never mind my thoughts.

- That's not like you.

- You've an interesting complex.

- You don't say, Einstein.

- Please, call me Sigmund.

- Sigmund Einstein! That's ridiculous!

- Let's try a game.

- What sort of game?

- A word association game.

- In only four words?

- I beg your pardon?

- A plea of mercy.

- Sorry, I don't follow.

- Regret for not pursuing.

- Oh! I see now.

- Crikey. Things currently visual.

- You think we've started.

- Ponderous beginnings between us.

- Ok, let's stop now.

PS: Try not to be like me and jump in with as many four word sentences as you can think of when it's not your turn... the other player(s) get annoyed!!!